A  short Bitsy made for Emma's birthday jam!

Sort of about my obsession with spaces, sort of about anxiety, sort of about my cat.

The rooms were made with the help of Brandon's Shiftsy tool.

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Tags2D, anxiety, Bitsy, Black and White, Cats, paranoia, Short, unreality


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I loved the ending.


ahh this is really well done!


This is fantastic. Also the vague flickers of the cat made my brain hurt.


I took me awhile to find the cat...but I did! Whew!

This is an amazing space. I feel like the black-and-white palette also helps add to the anxiety. Great work!! ✨


omg this is so cool!


this is so good!! i love how you're representing feelings visually, like i think it comes across really well

thanks Em, I had a lot of fun with the visuals for this, it felt really good in my mind!