For the YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL Bitsy jam, made with bipsi.

Now with music by djzeratul (!!!)

I would have liked to have made something bigger and better for this jam theme, but honestly the theme was too cool for me. Instead I just took the opportunity to get weirdly reflective and have fun drawing a few objects. Also life is too short for me to not become super chatty in my game descriptions so here's more info than a bipsi of this length truly requires.


In case any of them aren't clear, the rooms are, in order:
  1. A calendar
  2. A Mass Effect style dialogue wheel
  3. A nondescript form with a set of binary gender checkboxes
  4. An imitation of an online banking screenshot
  5. Two dice that both rolled 1's ("snake eyes")
  6. A dropdown menu requiring the user to select an honorific
  7. A needle being applied to an insulin pen
  8. A Fallout style dialogue choice box
  9. A combination padlock
  10. An imitation of a messaging app
  11. The same alarm clock I have had for the last 20 years
  12. A nondescript window on a computer screen
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Tags2D, bipsi, Short


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Hey, I thought this game was interesting. I don't know nothin about this game jam this was from, but I did very much enjoy the art style. My only recommendation as far as it goes, is that there is no music or noise of any sort, and it felt a might lacking for that.