Today is a day where things happen. It's really two different days, one good and one bad. It could be raining, or not raining, or raining dust, but things will happen. You will go places and talk to people and hopefully see your girlfriend.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around. Bump into things to interact with them. When presented with a choice, use up and down to pick, and right or space to confirm your choice.

This game was made for the 2019 Bitsy Secret Santa! I made it for Dino, using the prompts "rain" and "nerves". I tried to use them at least a bit! I hope you enjoy it Dino!

This game was made in Bitsy using these hacks: exit from dialogue, transparent sprites, dialogue choices, and character portraits animated. Of note this is one of the few games where I resisted the urge to go ham with the "edit image from dialogue" hack.

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Made withbitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Pixel Art, Short, Surreal, weird


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oh dang, I love this! just played this twice, all the subtle/less subtle ways things changed based on your choices were so satisfying to find

Somehow this is phenomenal and atmospheric while also having a hidden Minecraft fanfic in there? Wtf Caeth. Writing wizardry.

oh my god there's so much to explore n its amazing how much the choices you make matter!! its so good caeth!!!!

WHOOOAAA!!!! the choice in the beginning matters!!! thats crazy but real good!!! all the difference conversations and like the nuance of how the world changes if u think its a good day or a bad day.. its beautiful!!!!!!

Caeth, this is SO GOOD!

I love digging for fun dialog or small things, and wow you have a lot!