Here is my entry for the Tarot Bitsy Jam!

This game is an excerpt from a made-up game that doesn't exist, a sort-of adventure game based on tarot cards. The hero would go through trials based on the minor arcana in preparation for defeating all of the major arcana as big boss monsters! It sounded like a fun idea that I would never do, so why not just pull out a part of the made up story and make it up? Disclaimer: I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to tarot, so consider this tarot-inspired instead; the card descriptions in here are certainly not accurate in at least a few ways.

Made with:

Bitsy by Adam Le Doux

with help from Borksy by Ayolland 

using  hacks by  mildmojo and Sean S. LeBlanc


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Wonderful game :D

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CAETH!!!!!!! CAETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  daaaamn!!!!! holy shit "yeah i'll just play whatever game is first on the page" and now im just IM SCREAMINNGG???!!!!! holy shit holy shit!!! the godamn art! the fricking shadows!!! AAAAHHH!!! SO MOODY!!! the narrative??? AAHJGDHDJHDHD SO FRICKING GOOD!!!! WTF WTF WTF!!!! also the fricking peanut butter lmao

basically the story has swag and the art has yolo...beautiful...


ah onion!!! thank you you're too kind!!! i'm really glad that you liked it!!!! <3<3<3

ITS SO GOOD U DAMN WIZARD IM JEALOUS WTF!!!! like ok maybe i went in with not a lot of expectations which just means i wasnt thinking anything, not anything abt low expectation ok!!! but like heck by the 5th swords i was like ?????? holy shit???? how many more????? and then the ending was liek f*cking perfect ok!!!! like aaaaah!!!!!

whoah. this was really great. full of mythological portent. and you TOTALLY nailed the feeling of the suite imo.

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omg this is such a small thing but ahh the shadows !! the shadows !! so good. everything about this is is so good. but i love the art. good work as always, caeth!

this is so good in so many ways


thank you Sean! :D


This is so cool! I love the shadows




i'm crying i need the entire game now what have you done


thanks Emma!!!!!!!! <3 I doubt I'd ever make the whole thing but you never know!


I absolutely love this! Your art is always to incredible, and your storytelling is so compelling! Would love to see more Chapters.

thanks ;3