My birthday makes me sad every year, so I made a bitsy about  it to distract myself. Has some minor sound effects.

Made in Bitsy with Borksy.


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liked listening to arabesque while playing this

last year i was traveling through time zones on my birthday so i didn't really have one, and i liked it much better

I hate my birthday too. It always feels like it's more about other people than me?

this is perfect. I'm amazed. the part where it looks like you're entering your room but it turns into an office? wow. the transitions and movement and voice of the whole thing were excellent


;-; this is so vulnerable and distilled to all its most important parts, thank you so much for sharing <3

thank you for playing it!


This all makes total sense to me. Your recent gnizing all these things helps me because it's all stuff I think about but just shut out by filling my brain with the static if virtual distractions... 

 Technically also, WOW! The transitions work really well, and the sound effects startled the heck out of me but were so well implemented! 

thanks love :)


you're officially the first bitsy game i played with the new 6.0 transitions! 🎉

birthdays started feeling weird for me around 18/19ish. i think that's when the reality that i was a being passing through time really started to set in. doing the bitsy jam last year seemed to really help....


aw I feel special <3 

and yea, passing through time is just... not that cool. thank goodness for bitsy


damn, I feel this. thanks for sharing ♥️

thanks for playing it!