19 types of creatures you can be!
~50000 different name combinations!
64 hobbies to have!
16+ personality types + 12 zodiac signs!
40+ pointless anecdotes!
possibilities that I'm not willing to count!
one terrible reality!

Best played in full-screen or downloaded.  This is an experimental story contained within a functioning character generator. If you aren't sure where to start, the story is contained within links that are available for some outcomes, which are black in color and underlined.


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Development log


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Why does everyone have clean teeth?

A fascinating story, and I love the concept! If you're ever willing to expand on this I'd love to see what you come up with. 

i got the hobby CREATING DEMENSIONAL TEARS and now it happens for evertything i generate lo


Yes, this is intentional. The entry for "CREATING DIMENSIONAL TEARS" is the natural ending to the "story", and once you get it it only returns that option. If you just wan to see the random options, you should be able to refresh the page, or close and reopen it. The "GENERATE ANOTHER" option remembers what previous options you've encountered in your "playthrough" so it won't start fresh that way.


i got light first try now i cant find it again :/


i got it literally under a minute after i commented this


dnd idea generator


i love this game!

also, my favorite things teh get with stories:

any teeth one

a million eyes

uncountable arms





I'm pretty late to find this game but at the end of it (*SPOILER* or at least when I find that [redacted] and Dimensional Tear), I feel like this :


ahahaha thank you for playing and commenting! this post made me very happy, I read it and was like "ah yes perfect" :)


this kind of reminds me of Welcome to Nightvale. A weird but good podcast


What a fascinating game! Thank you for making this!


Wow, this is really cool game! I love the unexpected depth to it and the hidden story. It was a really fascinating and fun experience, great job!


oh I love this a lot! this is the kind of game I've always wanted to play. I think I have a grasp of the story here, but if you ever do a continuation or expansion, I'd love to see it.


this is super fun, exceptionally varied, and occasionally cryptic in increasingly intruiging ways, which is always a good mix <3


Very creative!


I love this game so much! 


wow, this is so cool! i expected it to just generate characters, that would've been great too, but there's so much more!


wha thanks!!! >///< I'm glad it was cool :)