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Nice game. Love the atmosphere in this.

thanks for making and sharing this

This is fantastic! What are all the endings?

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I keep gasping while walking around the maps. They are gorgeous! And the hints about the force makes me want to replay this game again and again to find out more. The mini-map idea is also genius.

this game is so lovely :) i've gotten 3 different endings so far, having played differently 4 times -- i hope im not missing any ! i'm so intrigued by the lore behind this as well, but i'm guessing you'll always keep it a mystery :0


Just played, outstanding use of the engine! The mood, atmosphere, and lighting comes together to create a place, an actual place. I found myself visiting the burnt house to drop things into the basket more than my own, a very engaging game that is well thought out and not too long. Superb work.

thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I actually replayed about an hour ago showing someone Bitsy and got the other ending. DOPE!!!

This is absolutely amazing, the amount of details, the music, the minimap!  (which is so smart, brilliant really!) You really created the atmosphere.



ahhhhhhhhhh thank you so much >////// <

This is an excellent example of pushing Bitsy to its limits. A tour de force of how to use the engine.

Thank you so much!

holy heck

Whoah, I had to play twice to get a different ending! I don't think I've gotten the good one though, curious! This is so beautiful, I'm lost in this slightly-eerie farm XD, especially with the hypnotizing music and all ;A; 

Thank you so much! I wouldn't say any of the endings are "happy" per se, but I might just make a devlog of the intended endings so that folks don't have to play through a bunch of times to get them. The difference between the "happy" and "meh" ending is very very small, it's just in the last line of dialogue.

Oooh that'd be cool! And yeah I notice that on the last day (after our last harvest) we encounter different ending exit :'))))

Oh this might be smol but I love how the deer turned its head when I stepped on that twig! What a nice little touch! 


This is so polished!!! (I think I got to a 6th day where I could not harvest anything so I could not go to bed? Unless I missed what to do on the 6th day.)

Ah, that's still broken then, there' s supposed to be some ending text when you go to leave the house on the 6th day I'll have to look into that o__o;

but thank you!!!!!


An incredibly atmospheric little game. Small phrasings, like "I don't think I should go further" and the snapping twig startling the deer really make the game feel alive. 

Knowing the limits of Bitsy as well, this game does incredible work to make so many neat things function, like walking under or behind things (????!!!!) are just not possible in Bitsy. This is so painstakingly done!

Be sure to explore the map thoroughly on the first day, and go check up on your friends each day as you choose to leave an offering (or not!). 


damn, that did a great job of feeling creepy in such a subtle way! great job!

ah thank you! subtle creepiness is my favorite so I'm glad that's what you got from it!


My GOODNESS the art is amazing!!! Impeccable details! The way the mirror creates a reflection when stepped in front of, or when you can scatter dandelion seeds, or the way a snap of the twig startles the deer.... really creative and atmosphere building details! And everything looks gorgeous!! I can certainly see why a project of this size was difficult to complete in the jam time frame, but this is still a stellar accomplishment none the less!! Amazing work!


thank you so much! I truly consider my set to be pretty weak overall so I really enjoyed making these little scenes and I'm glad they look good 😀


This is great! The landscapes and details are wonderful. Really enjoying it so far. 


thank you! I'm still bummed about not finishing it in time but making the best of it!