This is a quick breakdown of the intended paths for the game, and how to get all of the endings. I would recommend playing the game before reading this!

Part 1: opening your eyes

  1. (Optional) Take a look around the library, and you will find a book that gives you a recipe for "seeing all things".
  2. The pantry is locked, and you will need a key to open it. You can find the key under the chair up in the lantern room.
  3. Once the pantry is unlocked, you should grab some of each ingredient for use later, depending on what ending you want.
  4. In the kitchen you should light the fireplace, then grab the kettle and fill it with water from the sink.
  5. Interacting with the fireplace at this point will take you to an ingredients menu screen.
  6. Select only the shrubby yellowcrest and brew.
  7. After drinking the potion, there will be new things to read!

Part 2: making choices

    Path 1: transformation

  • While it's more interesting to do all of Part 1 first, it is possible to complete only steps 1-4 and then skip to this section.
  1. (Optional) Before going to the ingredients menu, go back to the library and learn a bit about cheating death.
  2. Return to the ingredients menu, select foxglove, belladonna, and ordeal bean, and brew.
  3. Enjoy your ending.

    Path 2: investigation

  1. Go to the library and read through Birdi's journal.
  2. Head to the stairway room and look through the papers to the right. 
  3. One of the two papers will be the will to the lighthouse. If you've read Birdi's journal, you will take the will.
  4. Congratulations, you own a lighthouse!
  5. Return to the ingredients menu, select only marigold, and brew.
  6. Once you have witnessed the vision of theft and death, you have even more options.
        Option 1: abandonment
    • Head back the way you came, leaving the lighthouse behind, because why in the world would you stay?
        Option 2: in the dark
    1. Go to the pantry and grab the basement key from the jar of flour.
    2. Head down to the basement and enter the locked room.
    3. (Optional) Take a look around the room, or read the papers on the table.
    4. Select the bottle, which other than returning to the previous room, will give you two final options:
      1. Drink it
      2. Smash it
    5. Enjoy your ending.

Bunny locations:

  1. In the upper left-hand corner of the starting screen.
  2. Towards the upper right of the ingredients screen.
  3. In the first chest in the stairway room.

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